THE FOREST店 地址: 旺角奶路臣街17號THE FOREST 2樓 201號舖
活動細則 Terms and Conditions:
  • CHUMS Special為公開形式,非 The Overlander 會員亦可享有上述折扣優惠。
    CHUMS Special is open to the public. Non members are applicable to the promotion.
  • 於2020年9月16日或之後的會員購物,可憑發票正本於2020年11月13-15日期間於發票上所列之分店退回折扣差價。退款只限一次,逾期恕不辦理。
    For members who purchase on or after Sep 16, 2020, they can bring the same electronic membership card and invoice to the branch (shown on the invoice) between Nov 13 and 15, 2020 to process the refund of price discrepancy.
  • 退回的折扣差價,將於電子貨幣形式,存入會員的電子會籍內,於下次購物時使用。
    The refund of price discrepancy will be deposited in the electronic membership in the form of electronic money and used in the next purchase.
  • 特價週期間, 未能提供電話查詢及留貨服務,敬請見諒。
    No reservation of stock and telephone inquiry during the sales event.
  • Cash coupon之購物不可退差價。
    Purchase with Cash Coupon is not entitled to the refund.
  • 組合式折扣及保養必需由同一會員購買,不可分單,退差價亦然,並不可退回差價。
    To enjoy combo discount, the payment must be made in one single invoice.
  • 相關之折扣細節,請向店內職員查詢 (必須接受有關條款限制)。
  • 如有任何爭議,本公司保留最終決定權。
    The Overlander reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.